“Elephants. Like. To. Fuck. Elephants.” he said

You can literally feel it in the air. It’s as if there has been an atmospheric change in the planet’s climate; the effect of one hundred years of coal-fired, power plant emissions, belched out in an instant. “Mr Sullivan apologises, but he is running late. He’ll be here in 30 – 40 minutes.” The Concierge… Continue reading “Elephants. Like. To. Fuck. Elephants.” he said

Print Advertising 1

I love print work. As a writer I love the craft you get to use and see how,when you get it right, it can directly affect people in weird ways.

Internet work

I have been an online producer for many years working with large and small companies. Work for large organisations normally has all the smarts in the background. You only get to see the pretty stuff. This is the small stuff, that mostly I work on myself.

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