Print Advertising 1

I love print work. As a writer, I love the craft you get to use and see how, when you get it right, it can directly affect people in weird ways. Click on an image to view a slideshow with more detail

The brain bomb

Some years ago, I would give a lecture to aspiring young advertising writers. My aim was to drive home the idea that “Writing is like sex, if you don’t enjoy doing it, then neither will the other person.” There is a lot of sex happening on the internet, but it’s not the kind that I […]

And now a TVC by joe Di Stefano.

A few years ago I worked as a freelancer writer in advertising. To demonstrate my wares I actually wrote ads that explained my skills. This is #3 of 3. The headline read: “And now a TVC by joe Di Stefano. Or how to PTC in 30 seconds or less.” The text below followed: The commercial […]