“Elephants. Like. To. Fuck. Elephants.” he said

You can literally feel it in the air. It’s as if there has been an atmospheric change in the planet’s climate; the effect of one hundred years of coal-fired, power plant emissions, belched out in an instant. “Mr Sullivan apologises, but he is running late. He’ll be here in 30 – 40 minutes.” The Concierge… Continue reading “Elephants. Like. To. Fuck. Elephants.” he said

Print Advertising 1

I love print work. As a writer I love the craft you get to use and see how,when you get it right, it can directly affect people in weird ways.

Ads by Snickers

I love everything about this campaign. And these guys are so good. Joe Pesci and Don Rickles, Betty white, Robin Wiliams.