7 Habits of highly successful websites #5 It’s about the interaction

What’s unique about a website? What makes it different from watching television or reading a magazine?

It’s the interaction.

You select a button and you are transported to a new page; click an arrow and a section of the page disappears; tick a box and items in a list are filtered to display results appropriate to your selection.

It’s wonderful. It’s unique. Even the Whalesong site mentioned earlier can be fun for about 20 seconds. Clever? Yes. It’s like the first time you hear a joke. Hear it again and again and the humour is quickly killed off.

If it’s relevant and it’s interactive, it’s even more interesting.

Have a play with this NY Times calorie counter at the NY Times. Check out this Fillippa Smedhagen Sund created for a Make Up Artist called Fillippa Smedhagen Sund. It’s a photo gallery where you grab the page and drag along, pull up or down to get to the next image.

Have fun with this interactive experience. A site called oScope Innovative Experience that presents an innovative way to look through Amazon, Flickr, Yahoo, YouTube and a couple of others.

For a wonderful way to interact with others go to The Red Interactive Agency’s site, choose to “Enable Chat” from the weird bird in the left hand corner and see why this company should be proud to have “Interactive” in their name.